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Club Penguin on iPhone & iPod!

Hey penguins! Exciting news. The Club Penguin app is on its way soon to iPhone & iPod Touch! You’ll also be able to for the very first time have puffles in the app!

Popular Club Penguin blogger & team member Polo Field can be seen in this in-game screenshot from Club Penguin App [...]

Club Penguin New Safety Quiz

Hey penguins! Club Penguin has made a new quiz about being safe on the internet and on Club Penguin! If you answer all the questions correctly you’ll get an awesome “Safety Sweater”.

Here’s the cheats/answers to the questions:

• Which of thses is safe to share online? Answer: Your jokes. • [...]

New Ski Hill and Forest Room Designs

Hey Penguins,

Club Penguin have updated the ski hill and forest room design.

The new ski hill:


The forest:


-Waddle On!

Kon Tikki

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